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That's me:

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Want the bullet-points-only version?


As a former industrial designer, I have a lot of experience taking projects from idea to production and making complex products easy to use for everyone. I’ve always focused on making useful things that help people (and the planet), and this user-centered philosophy is what led me to user experience design.

As a UX/UI designer, I leverage the power of user research to explore problem spaces, validate ideas and put possible solutions to the test. I improve products in an iterative design process and value feedback highly. Being a growth mindset enthusiast, love learning new things and am constantly looking for opportunities to grow.


At the moment I am designing an app for KonTEXT, a reading program for delinquent youths in Munich, Germany. When I am not designing, you can usually find me hiking out in the woods. I also like to garden, draw and sometimes paint.

My Design Approach

🤝 Collaborative: Design is a collaborative process that only works if everyone works together.


🎭 Empathetic: Good designers are good listeners who know how to ask the right questions.


♾️ Iterative: Your first design is always going to be bad, so iterate on it until it’s great.


🌏 Holistic: Design is only good if it has a positive impact on people and planet.


💫 Free: Design knowledge has to be shared freely so we can learn and grow as a community.

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